Series Description

Ever watch something that leaves a hole in your heart and feel helpless about it? You want to reach out and hug a stranger tightly, to fix their broken window, to swoop in and do something good. Sometimes, and understandably in times like these, you can’t. We’re aiming to change that, while doing good at the same time! 


In this series, Do Good Army, all you have to do to help people affected by Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, is watch and share! Little kids or even big kids at heart, ages 9 to 99 can give to our community just by helping spread the word. This is a new way to be compassionate and to create connections to each other, to start to heal what hurts. 


Do Good is a Youtube series set to release this February that covers the inspirational non-profit recovery efforts after disasters and raises direct support for those who Do Good.


We will donate the monetization of views from each episode to the charities we are covering. Many people have been financially impacted by the pandemic and can’t donate, so just by watching and sharing you can make a difference! YOU WATCH / WE GIVE


As combat veterans, we understand the invisible scars traumatic events can leave. Even when the bandage comes off, the tire is patched, the dam is sealed, our hearts can still ache. We can rebuild and get back on beat together with your help. Watching and sharing is all it takes to Do Good. Click and join the #DoGoodArmy today!


— Episode 1: Do Good Begins

In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura two veterans launch a web-series to connect audiences to the needs of the community. 


— Episode 2: A Good Navy

The Cajun Navy Foundation meets sever disasters with brave volunteers and the power of crowdsourcing.


— Episode 3: Good Dog

What happens to our pets in a disaster event? Many get left behind, but the incredible people at Compassion Kind come to the rescue.