Who We Are

A Lake Charles, Louisiana native, Justin Roberts, a.k.a. “Chappy,” is an award-winning director of a film called “No Greater Love.” After experiencing the battlefield firsthand and the unseen wounds it left, he made it his mission to extend his hand to help those in need within his fellow servicemen and beyond. Together with fellow veteran, Hank Barbe, whose music in the band Three Beards, not only rocks, but helps him advocate for other veterans, planned to give back through a video series called “Do Good.”

Director/Producer Justin Roberts is an Afghanistan Army Veteran, and Director of the international award winning military documentary “No Greater Love.” During Roberts’ time as an Army Chaplain in Afghanistan in 2010, he filmed the footage of his deployment which he shaped into the documentary “No Greater Love,” depicting the lessons he learned and experiences shared with his fellow soldiers. No Greater Love screened at the White House, before Congress, won 11 awards, and is stated as “One of the best, most powerful documentaries ever made.” by Movie Guide. After serving six years, he left the military and continued to direct films. At an event for veterans he met Hank Barbe.

Hank Barbe is a former combat medic who served in Iraq. After leaving the military he worked as a football coach for a few years before starting a rock band called Three Beards. 

But as artists, they wanted to figure out a way to incorporate that mission into their projects. Justin brought his wife and kids down to visit Hank in Texas and over several cups of coffee they decided to do a Youtube series on people making a difference. Justin’s wife suggested calling it Do Good, with plans to launch the following spring.  


Then the news report came; Hurricane Laura was headed to Lake Charles. Justin headed home to board up the family home and get ready. His wife and kids went to Florida and Justin evacuated nearby to re-enter the city after the storm. The hurricane did massive amounts of damage to Chappy’s first home and office after leaving the military, a tough blow for someone transitioning from military to civilian life.


It was devastating. But it was also enlightening, as Chappy witnessed an army of strangers come together to take care of each other. Hank and Chappie knew that the mission of Do Good would start right here at home.